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Stone Fruit Jam

Stone Fruit Jam

Summertime is the right time to try your hand at preparing homemade jam.  While it may seem a throwback to something your grandmother did, just wait till you taste the true fruti flavor of your jam.  You can either store the prepared jam in the refrigerator or jar it for long storage.  If you plan on jarring your jam, prepare the jars before you begin the making the jam. 

Wash 8 half pint canning jars, lids and bands.   Put lids in a small sauce pan of simmering water until needed.  Fill a large stockpot with water and bring to a simmer.  Place the jars in the water and keep the jars in the simmering water until needed.

 For the Jam:

5 cups, 3 lbs or approximate 35 medium-sized apricots, plums, plumcots, apriplums or other variety, pitted

¼ cup lemon juice

7 cups sugar

1 envelope pectin

In the bowl of your food processor fitted with a metal blade, finely chop fruit.  Place chopped fruit in a medium saucepan.  Stir in lemon juice and pectin. 

Bring to a boil over high heat and add sugar stirring to dissolve completely.  Once the sugar has melted, return mixture to a boil and boil hard for one minute, stirring constantly.  Skim foam if necessary.  

Remove one jar from the simmering water. Ladle hot jam into hot jar, leaving ¼” space at the top. Wipe rim and threads with a clean damp cloth.  Cap jar with 2 piece lid and adjust until resistance is met.  Do not over-tighten. Place filled jar back in the water-filled stockpot.  Repeat with remaining jars until all jam is used and all jars are full.  Place lid on stockpot and bring to a gentle steady boil.  Cook for 10 minutes.  Using tongs or a jar lifter, remove jars from pot and set upright on a kitchen towel.  Let cool 12 to 24 hours.  After 24 hours, test the seal on each lid by pressing the center of the lid. The lid should not flex up or down.  If it does, refrigerate jar or repeat boiling process with a new lid.
Store jam jars in a cool dry place for up to one year.


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